Atlanta Here We Come – Labor Day Weekend 2019 – August 30/31 2019 Gala Night + Cultural Extravaganza

Onitsha Atlanta Cultural

The year is 2019 and what is the best option for a summer vacation or even better the best place for it. Rather than guessing, this Forum will gladly suggest Atlanta Georgia. The home of the 2019 Superbowl, the home of Coca Cola and as the coke advert teaches us, have a coke and a smile. That is the spirit that Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta is inviting all and sundry to descend into Atlanta Georgia on August 30 – 31 2019 for a gala night and cultural extravaganza.

Onitsha Ado Club of Atlanta is not only inviting you but will treat you with the combination of southern hospitality and Ife Eji Abu Onitsha Erika. In plain language, there will be plenty to drink, eat and lots of merriment. Onitsha culture for men, women, and children will be in full display. But it won’t just be displayed, as an Onitsha indigene, you’ll be free to happily participate. Show your support also by subscribing to the brochure of the event. The brochure will help to memorialize the occasion and all the pertinent details are in the flyer attached.

Beyond the gala night and cultural extravaganza, Atlanta offers numerous and long-lasting vacation sites. The Forum has appended a few of those areas that might be of interest to you. The dates for this event are set and arrangements finalized with all the details and contact information on the flier above. So pack your bags, your dancing shoes, and empty stomach as all arrows point to Atlanta Georgia. You are not only invited, you’re very much welcomed.  Be There!!