Onitsha Phrases

Onitsha Phrases

Phrases: List of some common Onitsha Phrases

Credit: Okey Agunyego (Ancestral Voices)

‘Nwata adi ebu orika’ ; A child dare not carry a heavy load; an expression showing disapproval when subjected to do something that is likened to a
heavy burden.

Isi buka ora ka Okpu’ Not matter how large a man’s head is, a fitting cap can be found for it; There is always a remedy, an alternative.

Onitsha ji azu awu‘; Onitsha man usually escapes through the back door; Onitsha man leaves a troubled spot unruffled.

Iru di nma adiro nma itu mbo‘; A beautiful face is not good to be scratched; Do not mar a good relationship, Do not look for trouble where there is none.

Udene fulu ibeya akpuonu‘; Vulture with goitre sneering at a fellow vulture with goitre; Before you criticise someone, take a good assessment of your self.

Ife ana acho na isi ji bu awaya‘; The most important part of a yam head is where the stem sprouts, Have an eye for opportunities than trifles.

Ada agha isi aka agba ulio‘; You cannot snap your finger without the
thumb; You cannot avoid the principal character.

‘Ite wari, ite di na eke’; When a pot breaks there are others in the
market; There is always an alternative.

‘ugbo anya enwe awanyeliaji’; Ifone assessed a monkey by
its eye-sockets, one would boil some yam for it; Do not judge someone
by his/her looks.

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