FAQ: Onitsha

Its geographical location at the bridge between Eastern Nigeria and Western Nigeria, and between the densely settled Igbo hinterland and the oil-rich creeks of the Niger Delta, makes Onitsha strategically positioned as a regional hub for trade and logistics in Eastern Nigeria

Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe.  Read more about him here

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Onitsha people were among the first Igbo to embrace western education, producing notable people such as Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Owele of Onicha, Zik of Africa, and the first president of the post-independent Nigeria. Read more about notable Onitsha people here

Onitsha traditionally consists of nine villages, otherwise known as Ebo Itenani. These are descendants of the progenitor Umuezechima comprising Isiokwe, Olosi, Umuezearoli, Okebunabo, Obikporo and Ogbeotu, Awada (Ogbeozoma), Obamkpa comprising Umuasele, Iyiawu, and Odoje Ndugbe and Odumegwu Gbuagu, Ubulu na Ikem, Ulutu, Ubene, Ogboli Eke, Obior and Ogbeotu. Within these groupings, there are six administrative wards namely Okebunabo, Umuezearoli, Ogbeolu, Isiokwe na Ogboli Olosi, Obamkpa and Eke na Ubene. Read more here

What type of Government does Onitsha operate?

Onitsha operates a traditional government headed by the Obi, the titular head of the town who is assisted by Ndi Ichie, titled red cap elders or chiefs. Among these are Ndi Ichie Ume, who are the First Class Chiefs. The Ndi Ichie are classified into six, namely: Onowu Iyasele, Ajie Ukadiugwu, Odu Osodi, Onya Ozoma, Ogene Onira, and Owelle Osowa, with Onowu Iyasele as the traditional Prime Minister. There are also other Ndi Ichie, who are ranked second class, known as Ndi Okwa and third class, known as Ndi Ichie Okwareze. The Ndi Ichie serve as Council of Advisers to the Obi who solicits their advice in major decisions he takes in the Kingdom.

When the ruling Obi joins his ancestors, the Onowu Iyasele takes charge until a new Obi is enthroned.

What is the marriage process in Onitsha?

The process is fun and very cultural. Some information can be read here on the ImeObi Onitsha Website.

How long is Onitsha Bridge?


What is Onitsha Noted for in terms of Tourism?

Onitsha is the site of the Roman Catholic Holy Trinity Cathedral (1935) and the Anglican All Saints Cathedral (1952). Its oldest secondary schools, including the Dennis Memorial Grammar School (1925; Anglican), St. Charles Teacher Training College (1929; Roman Catholic), and Christ the King College (1933; Roman Catholic), are noted for their academic excellence. Onitsha is also known for the annual Ofala Festival, which honours the obi. Read more about Tourism in Onitsha

What are popular Ozo and Odu title names?

Ime Obi Onitsha website has a collection of Ozo and Odu names. Please click here to view more.

I am from Onitsha, what is the meaning of my last name?

Ime Obi Onitsha website has a collection of Onitsha last names and meanings. Please click here to view more.

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