Ndichie Title Taking

Ndiche Title Taking

The Ndichie title is a political title which is considered higher than the Ozo title. The Ndichie are of three grades: the Ume, Okwa and Okwa Ara Eze. The titles in these categories are held by one person at a time.

The installation rites begin with the Mgbakwu Ndichie rites which is a formal declaration of the intention of the aspirant to the Obi’s counsellors.

If the Obi accepts the aspirant, the second stage of the installation which is the presentation of a goat at the palace (igbunye ewu n’ime obi) takes place. The goat is slaughtered and the fore and hind legs are presented to the aspirant. This is an official acceptance of his candidacy by the Obi.

The Ndichie elect is also expected to kill a goat at the Onowu’s house, perform the ibu ego rites, cook at the sacred kitchen (Isi nni ukoni) before the inata okpu rites. It is at this stage that the Ndichie elect receives his Ndichie regalia from the Obi. The new Ndichie undertakes a ritual sanctification (mmacha) in order to associate with other Ndichie. This is followed by the rites of gathering the ofo (ikpoko ofo). The Igba ugwo rites is also observed. The new Ndichie is fined for any anomaly during his installation.

The new Ndichie must pay the fines before embarking on the penultimate rites of going around the square of major villages of the town (igba ilo). The installation rites end with ceremony of stepping into the water (Izonye ukwu na mili)