Age Grade Socities (Otu Ogbo)

Age Grade

In the olden days, when it was almost impossible to keep record of people’s ages, the age grades served as a means of keeping records of the ages of inhabitants of the town.

The age grade is a cultural society of people born within a specific period of time. In modern times, it is usually meant for people born within a space of three years, but in ancient times, an age grade comprised people born within a space of two planting seasons. This practice, however, ended in1900 with the Ositadimma age grade (1898-1900). The Otandiofu age grade (1901-1903) started the new three-year format.

Members of the age grades don their ceremonial attire during ceremonies in which their members are involved. One interesting thing about these age grades is that they are open to both sexes- male and female, there is no gender discrimination. The age grades have both male and female leaders who run the affairs of the groups. There is no specified age to attain before the formation of an age grade group in Onitsha. However, it is not meant for children.

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